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Lazer Tracker is the single most effective material handling tool that addresses issues of controlling product damage, increasing productivity, and creating a safer work environment. The patented fork tip laser guidance system will assist the forklift operator with any level of experience in pinpoint accuracy of fork tip placement.

The Lazer Tracker casts out a horizontal beam that is set to the level of the forks. Almost all standard types of forklifts can accommodate the Lazer Tracker. By seeing exactly where the forks are at, the fork truck operator can move swiftly and safely for product retrieval and storage.

The class II laser which meets OSHA guidelines automatically turns on at the user prescribed height and is very visible, even at heights above 400 inches.

The Return on Investment (ROI) with the Lazer Tracker may be as quick as one week.

Make your warehouse facility safer while adding to your bottom line!!!!!

No product or level of experience can replace the value the Lazer Tracker delivers.
It outperforms height selectors
and improves the productivity of even the best forklift drivers. Moreover, forklift operators will like using and maintaining the Lazer Tracker because it simply makes their job easier!!

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SUMMIT Leaf Chain
AL Series Leaf Chain. Light duty leaf chain is best suited for applications where chain joints are not articulated frequently.

BL Series Leaf Chain. Heavy-duty leaf chain, has the contour and pitch of the equivalent ANSI standard roller chain, but the side plates have the thickness of the next larger pitch ANSI standard roller chain.

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